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Date  Race / Location Distance
11/17/2018 Grand Ridge Trail Run
Issaquah, Washington
50 K
Half Marathon
5 Miles
12/2/2018 Guana 50k
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
50 K
12/8/2018 Sawmill Trail Runs
Golden, Colorado
50 K
25 K
12/15/2018 Naked Nick 25k and 50K
Leesport, Pennsylvania
50 K
25 K
2/23/2019 Frosty Moss Relay
Port Angeles, Washington
80 Miles
3/2/2019 Mississippi Trail 50 mile, 50K and 20K
Laurel, Mississippi
50 Mile
3/2/2019 Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi Trail 50
Laurel, Mississippi
50 Mile
50 K
20 K
3/30/2019 VALENCIA Trail Race
Valencia, California
50 K
Half Marathon
10 K
4/5/2019 Florida Coast 2 Coast Relay
Titusville, Florida
200 Miles
4/13/2019 Trail Running Festival
Fruita, Colorado
50 K
4/20/2019 Silver Moon Race
reedley, California
100 Mile
24 Hours
12 Hours
6 Hours



9/7/2019 Mountain RATS
Eagle, Colorado
50 K
14.4 Miles
5 K
11/2/2019 Four Sisters Ultra
Sichuan Province, CHINA
100 K
60 K
45 K
35 K

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Ultrarunning Nutrition

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