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Miami Man International Triathlon

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November 10, 2018 (Saturday)
Swim 0.6 Miles, Bike 28 Miles, Run 6.5 Miles
Swim 1.2 Miles, Bike 56 Miles, Run 13.1 Miles
Larry and Penny Thompson Park and Miami Metrozoo
Miami, Florida
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You don't have to be the biggest to be the best! Miami Man was the very first half iron distance race offered in the South Florida region, and has become the pinnacle of all floridian triathletes annual schedule. In partnership with Zoo Miami, Miami Man offers participants a unique course unmatched by any other event.

Starting with the only crystal clear freshwater swim in Miami, followed by a flat ride through rural farm land, and finished by a breathtaking run through Miami Zoo passing animal exhibits form around the globe. On top of this magnificent course, you can expect to receive countless amount of free "swag," extremely spacious transition areas, and unimaginable race organization.
Come experience for yourself why Miami Man is considered the best triathlon in Florida.

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Recent Review: The medical staff was superb- at the end of the race they carried me from the finish to the tent and took great care of me. A special thanks to Frank. The volunteers at the finish, however, paid no attention to me as i lay on the ground - it was other athletes that called the medics over. I think it might be helpful to have someone on hand to attend to athletes who may be in distress at the end. Otherwise the volunteers were great. Two further comments - while I appreciated the stuffed animal, I think Multi-Race can do better with their awards. Also, since i was on the ground at the finish, i did not receive my medal. Whom do i contact to get one? thanks.
Kathie Klarreich
Key Biscayne, Florida
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Year: 2009     Participation      
    Total finishers: 641      
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Zach Poehlman   Half Ironman Men 4:35:20  0 mph 
 Adriana Toro   Half Ironman Women 4:54:57  0 mph 
 Hector Santaella   Half Ironman Masters Men 4:41:09  0 mph 
 Sara Weaver   Half Ironman  Masters Women  5:06:32  0 mph 
Complete 2009 Results (All Races)
Year: 2006     Participation      
    Total finishers: 477      
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Darin Searer   Half Ironman Men 3:57:52  0 mph 
 Melissa Reifschneider   Half Ironman Women 4:50:02  0 mph 
 Larry Black   Half Ironman Masters Men 4:23:47  0 mph 
 Judy Lambert   Half Ironman  Masters Women  5:06:58  0 mph 
Complete 2006 Results (All Races)
Year: 2005               
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Darin Shearer   Half Ironman Men 4:06:47  0 mph 
 Sharon Good   Half Ironman Women 4:59:44  0 mph 
 Carlos Lomba   Half Ironman Masters Men 4:25:37  0 mph 
 Lisa Frink   Half Ironman  Masters Women  5:07:10  0 mph 
Complete 2005 Results (All Races)
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 Alien Endurance  Miami FL club info
 Miami Triathletes  Miami FL club info
 South Florida Triathletes  Miami FL club info
 Star Endurance Multisport Club  Miami FL club info
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 SBRMANIA  Sunrise FL 16.1 Miles store info
 The Triathlon Store  Miami FL 17.2 Miles store info
 Bicycle Fitness  S. Miami FL 17.2 Miles store info
 Big Wheel Cycles  Ft. Lauderdale FL 18.9 Miles store info
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