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Wickham Park Marathon
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100 Miles, 50 Miles, Marathon
Melbourne, Florida
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  MARATHON: 7 loops of 3.75 miles on flat trails with occasional bushwacking,
fallen trees, mud filled ditches, and firebreaks with stumps and broken
roots sticking out. You will appreciate the soft, deep sandy surface
after every faceplant. Course will be clearly marked with arrows scratched
in the dirt or drawn with flour (unless I run out or it rains). It
really helps if you can read a map and compass. Cutoff is 8:00 PM
(12 1/2 hours). Average finish rate is 54%. Whiners will be disqualified.

50 MILE FUN RUN: Continues after the marathon for 6 more laps plus a
1.25 mile out and back, so you can't possibly get lost. Cutoff is still
8:00 PM. Average finish rate is 10%.

100 AND 200 MILE FUN RUNS: Repeat the 50 mile course for 2 or 4
consecutive days starting Sunday, same time each day. Only Mark Henderson
has ever finished 100 miles.

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 Results for the Wickham Park Marathon 
Year: 2007     Participation      
    Total finishers: 30      
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Mike Aldrink   Marathon Men 3:20:52 7:40  7.83 mph 
 Helen Cox   Marathon Women 4:09:56 9:32  6.29 mph 
 Mike Lynch   Marathon Masters Men 3:58:00 9:05  6.61 mph 
 Helen Cox   Marathon  Masters Women  4:09:56 9:32  6.29 mph 
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Year: 2006     Participation      
    Total finishers: 14      
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Mark Henderson   Marathon Men 3:54:11 8:56  6.71 mph 
 Marla Buechner   Marathon Women 5:43:50 13:07  4.57 mph 
 Mark Henderson   Marathon Masters Men 3:54:11 8:56  6.71 mph 
 Marla Buechner   Marathon  Masters Women  5:43:50 13:07  4.57 mph 
>> Complete 2006 Results (All Races) 
Year: 2005     Participation


22 men competed in the 2005 Wickham Park Marathon 22 (81.5%)
    Total finishers: 27


5 women competed in the 2005 Wickham Park Marathon 5 (18.5%)
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Scott Adams   Marathon Men 4:15:20 9:45  6.16 mph 
 Pam Byrne   Marathon Women 4:50:59 11:06  5.4 mph 
 Brian Savage   Marathon Masters Men 4:48:30 11:01  5.45 mph 
 Fiona Wright   Marathon  Masters Women  6:36:12 15:07  3.97 mph 
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 Running Zone  Melbourne FL 4.8 Miles store info
 Runners Depot  Vero Beach FL 32 Miles store info
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 Clubs and
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 Club or Team Name 


 State   More Info 
 Alpha Omega Elite Track Team  Miami FL club info
 Aquinas Track Club  Pembroke Pines FL club info
 Bay Area Youth Track & Field  Tampa FL club info
 Boca Athletics  Boca Raton FL club info
 Boca Raton Road Runners Club (BRRC)  Boca raton FL club info
 Bottoms Up Track  Ft. Lauderdale FL club info
 Capital City Christian Cruisers TF Club  Tallahassee FL club info
 Central Florida Gliders  Altamonte Springs FL club info
 Christian Cruisers  Tampa FL club info
 City of Lauderhill Track Club  Lauderhill FL club info
 Coral Springs Blazers Track Club  Coral Springs FL club info
 Emerald Coast Racing Team  Pensacola FL club info
 First Step Track Club  Jacksonville FL club info
 Fishhawk Road Runners  Brandon FL club info
 FishHawk Road Runners Club  Lithia FL club info
 Flagler Flyers Track Club  Palm Coast FL club info
 Florida Elite Track Club  Orlando FL club info
 Florida Express Track, Inc.  Bradenton FL club info
 Florida Milers Club  Gainsville FL club info
 Florida Race Place  Tampa FL club info
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