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La Jolla Half Marathon
April 24, 2016 (Sunday)
Half Marathon
La Jolla, California
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Several bicyclists will lead runners and split times will be announced at each mile marker. The course is clearly marked with traffic cones, chalked arrows and course guides at each questionable turn. Except when otherwise directed by a course guide or police officer, please run as close to the right hand curb as possible. Running outside the cones is a genuine personal safety hazard and could jeopardize the future of this race. You are encouraged to shout at people who are not within the cones. This course has several major hills (up and down) and some areas where footing may be difficult. Runners should use extreme caution in these areas. Significant efforts have been made to reduce any danger to an absolute minimum, however, since the course runs along many streets which carry normal traffic, runners must take more than casual precautions to ensure their safety. If you become sick or injured, stay along the course, a sag wagon will follow the last runner. Aid stations are located at strategic points along the course. Water and a sport drink will be available at each station. Note: The course will open to normal traffic progressively from the start based on an 11 min / mile pace.

Race Time clocks will be suspended above the finish line and will display your unofficial Gun Time. In addition, your (average) course Pace will be displayed to your right as you cross the finish line. Results will be posted adjacent the finish line as available and updated continually. The results will list both your Gun Time (the official time used for awards and all official records) and your Chip Time (your unofficial net course time used only for personal logs and PR's). After crossing the finish line, you must proceed directly to the timing chip collection area, remove your timing chip, and hand to one of the chip collectors.

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Recent Review: packet pickup had no parking available for the thousands that needed it, (needs to be at Del Mar Fairgrounds), the road going into the finish is a steep , cobblestone road (beware of ankle injuries), first two water stations ran out of water
I run long
mission viejo, California
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 Results for the La Jolla Half Marathon 
Year: 2014     Participation


2806 men competed in the 2014 La Jolla Half Marathon 2,806 (47.6%)
    Total finishers: 5,891


3085 women competed in the 2014 La Jolla Half Marathon 3,085 (52.4%)
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Timothy Briggs   Half Marathon Men 1:16:46 5:52  10.24 mph 
 Bonnie Axman   Half Marathon Women 1:22:40 6:19  9.51 mph 
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Year: 2013     Participation


2677 men competed in the 2013 La Jolla Half Marathon 2,677 (49.9%)
    Total finishers: 5,360


2683 women competed in the 2013 La Jolla Half Marathon 2,683 (50.1%)
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Kosuke Amano   Half Marathon Men 1:14:59 5:43  10.48 mph 
 Sierra Walker   Half Marathon Women 1:24:52 6:29  9.26 mph 
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Year: 2010     Participation


2689 men competed in the 2010 La Jolla Half Marathon 2,689 (46.1%)
    Total finishers: 5,839


3150 women competed in the 2010 La Jolla Half Marathon 3,150 (53.9%)
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Sergio Gonzalez   Half Marathon Men 1:09:48 5:20  11.26 mph 
 Jessica Goertz   Half Marathon Women 1:25:06 6:30  9.24 mph 
 Kevin Zimmer   Half Marathon Masters Men 1:18:38 6:00  10 mph 
 Stacey Roberts   Half Marathon  Masters Women  1:33:07 7:06  8.44 mph 
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Year: 2007     Participation


2210 men competed in the 2007 La Jolla Half Marathon 2,210 (48.3%)
    Total finishers: 4,572


2362 women competed in the 2007 La Jolla Half Marathon 2,362 (51.7%)
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Sean Birren   Half Marathon Men 1:13:11 5:35  10.74 mph 
 Sherri Ellerby   Half Marathon Women 1:28:58 6:47  8.83 mph 
 Kevin Zimmer   Half Marathon Masters Men 1:19:25 6:04  9.9 mph 
 Sherri Ellerby   Half Marathon  Masters Women  1:28:58 6:47  8.83 mph 
>> Complete 2007 Results (All Races) 
Year: 2006     Participation      
    Total finishers: 4,220      
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 David Kloz   Half Marathon Men 1:12:36 5:33  10.83 mph 
 Katya Meyers   Half Marathon Women 1:27:31 6:41  8.98 mph 
 Kevin Zimmer   Half Marathon Masters Men 1:21:09 6:12  9.69 mph 
 Manuel Ramirez   Half Marathon  Masters Women  1:36:09 7:20  8.17 mph 
>> Complete 2006 Results (All Races) 
Year: 2005     Participation      
    Total finishers: 3,833      
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Nazario Romero   Half Marathon Men 1:11:21 5:27  11.02 mph 
 Kristi Markowicz   Half Marathon Women 1:27:25 6:40  8.99 mph 
 Kevin Zimmer   Half Marathon Masters Men 1:17:41 5:56  10.12 mph 
 Pamela Struyk   Half Marathon  Masters Women  1:32:38 7:04  8.49 mph 
>> Complete 2005 Results (All Races) 
Year: 2004     Participation      
    Total finishers: 3,795      
 Winner Race Division  Winning Time  Pace Speed
 Matt Stohl   Half Marathon Men 1:13:11 5:35  10.74 mph 
 Kimberly Fagen   Half Marathon Women 1:24:06 6:25  9.35 mph 
 Kevin Zimmer   Half Marathon Masters Men 1:18:38 6:00  10 mph 
 Pennie Carlos   Half Marathon  Masters Women  1:27:33 6:41  8.98 mph 
>> Complete 2004 Results (All Races) 

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