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Adopt America Network

About the Charity:
Adopt America Network helps kids in foster care find loving, adoptive families. Through no fault of their own, hundreds of children in our region are waiting in foster care for it to be their turn to go home with a family who will love them and help them grow up to achieve their potential. All of these children have experienced abuse or neglect and want only to be safe and loved. It takes an average of $5,000 for Adopt America to help a child or a sibling group of brothers and sisters to find a family. By reaching our goal of $5,000 for our first year as a Glass City Marathon charity, we hope to start a GCM family with one child adopted this year and then add more children each year. Before long, we will have a GCM family that we can celebrate year after year. Please help us start the GCM family this year by choosing Adopt America!
Partner Event >> Glass City Marathon

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Sharon Gillespie
Lyons, OH

I hope to raise $1,000 for AAN! Please consider supporting my goal, while helping the kids who wait in the foster care system for their "forever home. (continued)

My Goal: $1,000  

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