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Advertising and Event Promotion
  Event Enhancement
For only $19/year ($29 for 2 years) you can enhance your event listing on Race360 and significantly increase your exposure.
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  Featured Event
For even more exposure you can feature your event which gives you high level exposure on key areas of Race360.com.
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  Banner Advertising
For maximum exposure to our 600,000 monthly visitors we offer a variety of banner sizes and locations that can be targeted at specific athletes (runners, triathletes, cyclists) and by geographic region.
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  Email Advertising
Direct email is one of the most powerful forms of advertising that we offer, particularly when you need rapid results. With over 150,000 subscribers, you can target athletes by sport and/or geographic region or market to race directors or clubs and teams.
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Our Event Enhancement service builds on the basic listing and provides graphics and increased visibility in search results. Enhanced events are 5 times more likely to be viewed by our visitors.

With 600,000 monthly visitors this is the best $19 you will spend on your event marketing.
  • Graphics
    The Race360 staff will work with your existing logos and graphics to develop two images that will be used to further promote your event on Race360.
  • Enhanced Search Listing
    All enhanced events receive additional exposure through the inclusion of event logos in the search results.
  • Technical Support
    As you add content to your event, the Race360 staff is here to provide assistance to ensure that your event is complete, accurate and professional.
Event Enhancement Pricing
1 Year $19
2 Years $29

nhanced events include your
race graphics and web links:

All enhanced events also include
graphics in event search results:



For events that desire a significantly higher level of visibility on Race360, we offer the Featured Event service. By elevating your event to Featured Event status, you will dramatically increase the number of people that learn about your event.
  • Sport Page Advertising
    All featured events are permanently advertised with logos on the front page for each sport (Marathon, Ultrarun, Triathlon, etc.) for the duration of the advertising contract. Ads are sorted by event date so as your event gets closer it will automatically move up the list.
  • Premium Search Position
    When a visitor initiates an event search, all Featured Events meeting the search criteria are displayed at the top of the page along with event logos and links. Following the Featured Events is a complete list of the search results. All Featured Events are listed twice in the search results (once at the top of the page, and again in the general search results listing).
  • Home Page Rotation (Premium Only)
    For maximum exposure you will want your event seen on the home page of Race360.com. With more than 600,000 monthly endurance athlete visitors to our site this is a tremendous advertising value. To be seen on the Race360.com home page, upgrade to "Premium Featured"
Featured Event Pricing
Featured $49/mo
Premium Featured $79/mo


Featured events are highlighted at
the top of relevant search results:

All featured events are listed
with graphics and descriptions
on the right side of each
sport specific home page,
race pages and results pages
(marathon, triathlon, ultrarun)

Premium featured events rotate
on the Race360 home page

For maximum exposure you can purchase from 5,000 to 40,000 monthly banner impressions in various sizes and high visibility locations

Target Options: By Region and Sport
For example you can choose to target just runners
in the North East, Cyclists in the South West, etc.

Click below for complete details
>> Sizes, Locations and Pricing



E-mail Advertising  

Athlete Email Advertising

Distributed: Monthly
Current Subscribers: 178,612 (as of 5/21/2019)
Cost Per Thousand (CPM): $20.00

Target Options: By Region and Sport
For example you can choose to target just runners
in the North East, Cyclists in the South West, etc.


Clubs and Teams Email Advertising

Distributed: 6 times per year
Current Subscribers: 9,932 (as of 5/21/2019)
Cost Per Thousand (CPM): $40.00

Please consult with a representative
prior to ordering this service

Race Director Email Advertising

Distributed: 6 times per year
Current Subscribers: 9,519 (as of 5/21/2019)
Target Options: Regional by sport
Cost Per Thousand (CPM): $90.00

Please consult with a representative
prior to ordering this service

Newsletter Ad Specifications

Race360 offers a maximum of 3 advertisements in each athlete e-mail newsletter and newsletter ads are sold on a first come first served basis. All insertion orders must be received at least 1 week to scheduled run date.

Format: Static graphics (JPG or GIF) plus up to 100 words of text

File Size: Maximum 35k

Image Size:
125 x 125 plus up to 100 words of text

Submit ads to: Race360@cranksports.com


If you are interested in advertising or promoting your event on Race360, use our self service advertising order form or call our offices at (949) 248-2600



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