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Club Membership Management

Why you should let Race360 handle your club's membership services:

  Low cost
  Ad-on sales
  Simplified registration
  No distractions
  Easy direct linking
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    "Spread the word" tools 
    Flexible discount codes
    Sponsor marketing
    Partner marketing
    Free exposure
    Retail tie-ins
    Charity tools
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  Database Upload
  Full service
  Event Integration
  User-friendly dashboard
  Single point management
  Chapter management
  Renewal Reminders
  Free phone support
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    Fast payments
    Real-time reports
    Payment notification
    Mid-cycle payments
    Single-point accounting 
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     Low Cost
Race360 charges a flat fee to set-up and manage your club's membership services based on the size of your club. However, if your club sponsored events are also run through Race360 then all set-up and management fees are FREE. The only cost is a per transaction fee each time a member joins or renews that can be passed along to the member or absorbed into the cost of the membership.
  Add On Sales = Increased Revenue
When your members join or renew their membership in your club you can easily offer optional items that they may want to purchase (club clothing, etc.). This is a convenient services to offer to your members and a great way to increase club revenues.
Simplified Registration
If an athlete is ready to join your club or renew their membership we want to make it as easy as possible so we don't lose ANY potential business. Unlike other systems that require athletes to create accounts and complete several confusing steps, Race360 collects all of the required information on a single screen in a clean and easy to use layout. Our streamlined system is easier than any other on-line registration system and can typically be completed in 1-2 minutes.
No Distractions
Once again, getting your members registered is our number one goal so we don't clutter your registration form with any advertising and we don't offer your athletes a bunch of "extras" such as magazine subscription and discount cards. We view these as distractions that don't benefit your club - so we don't do it!
Easy Direct Linking
Every club is given a unique 6-digit code that allows for short and simple linking directly to your club's service page on Race360. This is very useful when providing membership links in e-mail messages, newsletters, brochures or other printed materials. When an athlete is ready to join your club you don't want them to get frustrated trying to find it on the web.
For example:
"Spread The Word" Tools
The most cost effective way to spread the word about your club is through word of mouth and we encourage this with every new membership or renewal. When an athlete joins or renews their membership they will receive an on-line confirmation followed by an e-mail confirmation for their records. Most clubs also like to send out periodic messages to their members. On all of these correspondences we automatically include "Spread The Word" tools and links that encourage members to get their friends to join your club. If 1 out of 10 get a friend to enter using our "Spread The Word" tools then you've just increased your revenue by 10%.
 Flexible Discount Codes
Partnering with magazines, clubs, bloggers, etc. is an extremely cost effective way to grow your club's membership. The best way to do this is by generating discount codes that partners can offer to their readers/members for your club. Race360 lets you use easy to remember discount codes like "LA TRI" or "LATRICLUB" for the L.A. Tri Club which your partners will like because it helps to promote their brand (as opposed to non-intuitive discount codes like 3XQ234). You can create as many discount codes as you like and you can track the results of all discount codes (total redemptions and discounts) giving you the ability to optionally provide compensation to your partners based on performance.

 - Customizable "branded" discount codes for each of your marketing partners
 - Each code can have different discount amounts for each membership type
 - Ability to turn each discount code ON or OFF
 - Ability to set unique expiration dates for each discount code
Sponsor Marketing
Using Race360's sponsor marketing tools you can easily include product information or promotions for one or more of your sponsors that will automatically be included in all membership confirmations. This is a significant value-add that will help you to increase sponsorship revenue for your club. 
Partner Marketing
Race360 has developed marketing databases that have more than 200 endurance sports blogs and 4,000 running, triathlon and cycling clubs in the U.S. We can work with you to create a regional or national campaign that encourages these organizations to promote your event through the use of Discount Codes (above).
Free Exposure
Race360 is a subsidiary of Crank Sports which currently has more than 55,000 direct customers in the United States for its e-Gel and e-Fuel endurance sports nutrition products. All events that run their registration through Race360 automatically receive exposure to these customers through on-line and/or direct e-mail marketing campaigns.
Retail Tie Ins
If your club is working with a retail partner, Race360 can provide a marketing tie-in designed to drive traffic into the retail store. Coupons and other promotions can be designed into the membership confirmation and e-mail campaigns. This is a significant value-add to your retail partners that will strengthen your relationship.
Charity Tools
Race360 provides a complete compliment of tools if you are working with a charitable organization. Race360 will collect donations as part of the membership process, provide complete accounting reports and make automated payments directly to the charity.
Database Upload
Race360's engineers will do all the work to upload your existing membership database into our system, thus ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for your members. Once uploaded, you will have complete management capabilities as well as the ability to download the data at any time in a variety of formats.
Full Service
Race360 will design and set up your on-line membership services to your specifications. There is a one-time fee for database upload and initial set-up based on the size of your club, however, if your club sponsored events are also run through Race360 then all set-up and management fees are FREE.
  Event Integration
One of the most unique features of our Club Management services is that they are 100% integrated into our Event Registration services. For example, when an athlete is registering for one of your club sponsored events, our system will pull up their current membership information (to simplify the process) and then only show them event options that are applicable to their membership type and status. Let's say you have an expired member registering for a race. The system can require (or offer) membership renewal as part of the registration. If the athlete is not currently a member, the system can require (or offer) a new club membership as part of the registration. This way people only see what they need to, which eliminates confusion, mistakes and frustration.
  User-Friendly Dashboard
At the heart of our Club Management tools is our intuitive user-friendly "Dashboard". We'll let you be the judge, but we are certain that you will find the dashboard easier to use then any other system that you've used. In a single screen you can see high-level summary information on every aspect of your club along with intuitive tools to drill down for further detail in any area. We spent thousands of hours and listened to hundreds of customers to build a system that we guarantee you will like.
Single Point Management
Mail-in memberships and renewals can be entered into the Race360 system allowing you to manage all athletes with a single tool. The "dashboard" (above) summarizes all data broken out by on-line and mail-in.
Chapter Management
As your club grows you may start multiple chapters in different geographical regions. Race360 allows you to create and manage multiple chapters all within your club's single point management system.
Renewal Reminders
All correspondence that goes out to your members can contain customized information including the member's current membership status. If they are expired or up for renewal then easy to follow renewal instructions are included. Once you've got members you need to retain them, and some people just need a little reminder.
Free Phone Support
Real people that you can actually get in touch with - what a concept! Race360 provides the cell phone numbers of our account managers so if you have an important issue you will be able to get in touch with someone.
Get Your Money Faster
Race360 understand the cash flow challenges of managing a club and we try to make your life a bit easier by getting you your money fast and easy. Our system will automatically send you payments every two weeks for the full amount of any outstanding balance.
Reliable Real-Time Accounting Reports
You have access to real-time accounting that accurately reflects all of your club revenues broken down by membership type and add-on items sold. The accounting system has a complete history of payments as well as real-time tracking of your outstanding balance so that you can manage your budget.
Payment Notification
Each time we issue a payment we automatically send a payment notification e-mail that includes payment amount, date and method so that you can plan accordingly.
Mid-Cycle Payments
If you need payment sooner than our standard bi-weekly processing, just call us and we will gladly issue a mid-cycle payment.
Single Point Accounting
If you enter your mail-in memberships into the Race360 system, then you will be able to view and manage all of your club accounting tasks in a single tool. Revenues are broken down by membership type for both on-line and mail-in applications as well as any additional items purchased thus allowing you to do club profit analysis without the need to download data to spreadsheets or accounting systems.
Are You Interested?

Please provide the following information to have a representative contact you to set up your account and/or answer any questions you may have concerning our club membership services. If you prefer to call, you can reach Crank Sports at (949) 248-2600.
   Club Name    


At Race360 we want to make your job of managing and promoting your club as easy as possible, that's why our on-line membership service includes complete setup and management by our staff. If you need to make a change to your club just let us know and we'll do it for you.

If you want to do it yourself we offer all the online tools to set-up and make changes quickly and easily. The heart of club management system is the Dashboard that provides a summary of your club and all the tools necessary to add or modify your club.

Membership Types

The Membership Type tool allows your to create an unlimited number of options (individual, family, military, renewal, etc.)  Each type can also be set to who it will be offered to (new members, renewing members, etc.)


The Question tool allows you to add an unlimited number of questions to your membership form. Questions can be:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Check Box
  • Yes / No Question
  • Short Answer (fill in the blank)

Items for Sale

The Items tool allows you to add an unlimited number of items for sale as part of the membership. Sell tee shirts, hats, what ever you want. Athletes can be given the option of purchasing multiple quantities of each item and optionally specify size, color, etc. In addition, a photo for each item can easily be uploaded and displayed in the membership form. This is a great way to increase your club revenue.


To easily direct athletes from your club site or any other location we provide all the necessary links as well as a selection of graphics to choose from. Each graphic image also includes the necessary linking information so you can just cut and paste the required information into your web site.

Membership Form

We make it as easy as possible for your athletes to register for your club. All of the required information is on a single screen in a clean and easy to use layout.

Getting the person registered is our number one goal so we don't clutter your registration form with any advertising and we don't offer your athletes a bunch of "extras" such as magazine subscription trials, etc. We view these as distractions that don't benefit your event - so we don't do it!

In section one the athlete fills out there basic information - name, address, age, etc.

Next the athletes selects the membership type that they are entering.
The bottom of the form has any addition items that you are offering for sale, followed by questions that you have created and the club waiver, rules, etc.

After the form is completed they are asked for payment information and that's it - the membership is confirmed. They receive an on-line confirmation as well as via e-mail. A copy of each confirmation is also e-mailed to you if you have selected this option.


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