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Type: Triathlon Club
Members: 20
Boston, MA
(857) 523-8066
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Launched in April 2007, Dreamfar Triathlon is a growing club of triathletes of all ages and levels, from novice to ironman, educating and inspiring each other. Dreamfar focuses on introducing newbies to all aspects of triathlon, as well as furthering the knowledge and experience of intermediate athletes, in a supportive and social community. The team is managed by USAT certified Coaches who provide training, education and encouragement to help athletes to achieve their triathlon dreams; and to have fun while they do it!

Dreamfar is a USAT Certified team, offering coached training sessions 1-2 times a week, for 20 weeks. Our training home base is Walden Pond in Concord, MA, but sessions are also held on race courses, hosted at athlete homes or other destinations. If you're thinking of joining a club, come to one of our training sessions or contact us for further info. Everyone is always welcome, so bring along your friends and family!

Upcoming Events
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Date  Event Name Location Event / Distances
6/8/19 The North Face Endurance Challenge Massachusetts Massachusetts
5 K
10 K
Half Marathon
50 K
50 Mile
6/15/19 Against the Tide Massachusetts
5 K
10 K
6/16/19 Bare Hill Triathlon and Duathlon Massachusetts
7/7/19 Quaboag Plantation Triathlon (Sprint and Kids Tri) Massachusetts
West Brookfield
7/13/19 Franciscan Childrens Road Race Massachusetts
West Roxbury
5 K
10 K
8/10/19 Spartan Race Boston Super and Sprint 2019 Massachusetts
Road 5 K
8/17/19 Against the Tide - Cape Cod Massachusetts
5 K
10 K
9/8/19 Your First Mud Run - Holyoke 2019 Massachusetts
2 Miles
9/8/19 Your First Mud Run at Holyoke Massachusetts
2 Mile
11/9/19 Spartan Race Stadion - Fenway Park 2019 Massachusetts
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