Round Here Racing

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Type: Cycling Club
Members: 10
Alpharetta, GA
(770) 378-6855
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Founded in 2008, Round Here is Atlanta's premier amateur cycling team. The 2010 racing season
has been our breakthrough year, fielding a team 10 members deep and making over 200 race
appearances across Atlanta, north Georgia and the southeast. Round Here has high visibility in the
cycling community, with team members in all categories of amateur cycling, and consistent
participation in many organized non-race events such as Century Rides, informal group rides and
rides organized through local bike shops, Team in Training, and Athletic Training Services.
Round Here has created a name for itself with big exposure in the 2010 season, highlighted by 18
victories and over 40 podium appearances. But perhaps more important than the wins has been
the class and character shown by all members of Round Here Racing. Round Here has firmly
established itself as a first class amateur cycling organization and is well respected within the
peloton. For more information on the team, please visit our website at

Upcoming Events
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Date  Event Name Location Event / Distances
4/7/18 Chick-fil-A Half Marathon Georgia
6.55 Miles
Half Marathon
4/13/18 Ragnar Trail Atlanta-GA, Presented by Salomon Georgia
120 Miles
4/21/18 10th Annual Run 4 The Bun Bubble Edition Georgia
5 K
4/28/18 East Cobb Red Run Georgia
5 K
10 K
6/16/18 JCB Mudfest Georgia
5 K
5 Miles
8/19/18 Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Race Georgia
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