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Type: Adventure Racing Club
Members: 680
New York, NY
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NYARA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve adventure racing athletes in the northeastern US and to promote and foster the sport in any way we can. NYARA is made up of athletes with a variety of backgrounds and race experience, from newcomers to veterans and from casual racers to the northeast's top teams.

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Upcoming Events
Below is a partial list of some of the upcoming New York. To find additional events or publish new events use the links below the table.
Date  Event Name Location Event / Distances
6/2/18 Dolphin Dash 5K New York
5 K
6/16/18 Your First Mud Run at Rochester New York
2 Mile
6/17/18 Long Island Gold Coast Triathlon and Duathlon New York
Port Washington
6/23/18 Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Race New York
5 K
7/7/18 HITS Hudson Valley at Williams Lake, NY New York
Iron Distance
Half Iron Distance
7/7/18 Henderson Harbor Triathlon New York
Henderson Harbor
7/21/18 Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Race New York
5 K
8/5/18 Walk of Hope + 5K Run to Defeat Depression New York
5 K
9/9/18 Sri Chinmoy Swim/Run New York
Stony Point
9/30/18 Wineglass Marathon New York
Half Marathon
10/7/18 Divas Half Marathon at Long Island New York
Long Island
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