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South Charlotte Triathlon Club
Charlotte, NC
  Click to go to the web site for the South Charlotte Triathlon Club in Charlotte, North Carolina
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Below is a partial list of some of the upcoming North Carolina. To find additional events or publish new events use the links below the table.
Date  Event Name Location  Event/Distances
11/26/15 Havelock Tom Turkey 5K/10K and Little Gobblers Fun Run North Carolina
5 K
10 K
11/27/15 Black Toenail Friday 10 hour race North Carolina
3421 Northeast Park
10 Hours
3/5/16 Umstead Trail Marathon North Carolina
3/20/16 Rockin Marathon Relay Cary North Carolina
3/20/16 Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Half and Full Marathon North Carolina
Wrightsville BEach
3/20/16 Rockin Marathon Relay Charlotte North Carolina
5/7/16 Run with George North Carolina
New Bern
5 K
10 Mile
5/14/16 Rugged Maniac 5K - North Carolina North Carolina
5 K
10/8/16 Bethel Rural Community Organization Half Marathon and 5K North Carolina
5 K
Half Marathon
10/22/16 Carolina Century 102/82/72/51/31/21 Mile RidenRoll North Carolina
Road 21 Miles
Road 31 Miles
Road 51 Miles
Road 64 Miles
Road 72 Miles
Road 82 Miles
Road 102 Miles
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