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Type: Running Club
Mantua, NJ
(856) 468-2984
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We are the team, Team Networking Togerher (TNT) an USATF a non-proffit organization. Our mission is to foster and employ the development of all age groups and areas of both track and field and academics. Our philosophy is to provide an avenu for youth and adult athletes to train and excel in the classroom, on the job and last but not least on the track. Hard work is emphasized by being integrated with the coach's and athletes having fu. In order to ensure the well-rounded approach in there complete understanding of the sport our coaching staff has coaches with 20 plus years of experience. Furthermore we promote academic success through tutoring and mentoring our athletes. All of these elements aid in what we believe to be a successful and well-rounded athlete. We encourage our athletes to pursue a carrerr in any and every field. we believe for our athletes the sky is the limit.

Upcoming Events
Below is a partial list of some of the upcoming New Jersey. To find additional events or publish new events use the links below the table.
Date  Event Name Location Event / Distances
2/2/19 Penguin Pace New Jersey
5 K
4/14/19 UNITE Half Marathon and 8K - Rutgers Univ, New Brunswick New Jersey
13.1 Miles
4/14/19 The Wild Half Marathon New Jersey
13.1 Miles
6/22/19 Summer Solstice 5-Mile Trail Race (and accompanying flat 5K) New Jersey
5 K
6/30/19 Your First Mud Run at Garret Mountain New Jersey
Woodland Park
2 Mile
7/20/19 New Jersey State Triathlon - Sprint and Olympic New Jersey
West Windsor
8/4/19 Your First Mud Run at Wildwood New Jersey
Woodland Park
2 Mile
9/22/19 Your First Mud Run at Fair Lawn New Jersey
Fair Lawn
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