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Gazelle Track Club
Marietta, GA
(678) 560-6290
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We are dedicated to the development of the individual as a person and an athlete, and the competitive athlete at the local and national level. To achieve our goals in helping young athletes evolve, you can make a difference in our youth by making a gift to Gazelle Track Club. Your contribution will provide valuable sponsorship opportunities to athletes that will enhance lives and communities through track and field.
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Below is a partial list of some of the upcoming Georgia. To find additional events or publish new events use the links below the table.
Date  Event Name Location  Event/Distances
10/8/16 Coliseum Rock, N Rollman Half Iron Georgia
Half Ironman
10/8/16 Bubble Run - Atlanta Georgia
5 K
10/9/16 Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12-Miler Georgia
12 Miles
10/16/16 Spin For Kids Georgia
Road 5 Miles
Road 27 Miles
Road 47 Miles
Road 62 Miles
Road 100 Miles
10/22/16 HAE in Motion 5k-Atlanta Georgia
5 K
10/29/16 Zombie 5K Georgia
5 K
10/29/16 Silver Comet Half and Full Marathon Georgia
Half Marathon
26.2 Miles
11/12/16 BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series-Greater Atlanta II Georgia
1 Mile
8 K
20 K
11/12/16 Soldier Marathon Georgia
Fort Benning
Half Marathon
11/12/16 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon Georgia
4/21/17 Ragnar Trail Atlanta Georgia
120 Miles
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