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My Tri Life
A blog about Triathlon and how it has changed my life. There are inspirational stories about triathlon as related to everyday life and how the two(life and triathlon) intertwine. The blog contains training and nutritional information as well. Race reviews are also included.  

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August 22 2011
Summer Is A Great Time to " Tri"...Calling All Runners and Beyond

My sister-in-law gave me a really great book called The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration last year for my birthday. I love the book because I can open it up to any page at any time and read something, “inspirational," about running. The book is especially helpful if I don't feel like running- it gives me a boost of motivation. Another reason I love the book is because it is in chronological order so if you read one page a day, you'll have it read in a year without much sacrifice. I call those types of books, “coffee-table books," as you can pick them up and put them down at your leisure. The other day I came across an entry that inspired me to write this blog entry.
     The entry in the book was dated August 11th and it was about the dog days of summer. The author, Kevin Nelson, wrote about the tremendous heat and how even the weatherman was stating that there was no relief in sight. Summer in North Carolina is always hot and this year has been no exception. Perhaps even record heat as we have had weeks where it has stayed in the hundred degree range. Runs when it is hot and humid are particularly grueling for most people. I myself prefer a perfect seventy degree, clear day, which in the summer in NC never happens. The author continued to write that in order to get your run in when it is that hot to go early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler; makes perfect sense.
     But what if you hate getting up early in the morning? What if by the end of the day when the sun goes down you don’t feel like doing your exercise? Sometimes if you are training for an event such as a marathon or a triathlon you’ll still have to get your training done; even in the heat. I find shaded areas to go and do my training. There is a wonderful trail near my house where there are dirt paths surrounded by trees. The shade helps shield the heat so time of day is not a factor.
     Summer is a great time to train and do a triathlon. I challenge all runners or anyone out there to add some cross training to their program. Runners tend to want to stick to one thing; running. What most runners forget is that cross training can enhance their running. During summer it is easier to get outside, even when it is hot. You are probably riding your bike more and perhaps you are doing some laps at your neighborhood pool. Why not put all those things together and do a triathlon? I'm not talking Ironman, but there are many sprint triathlons out there where you can accomplish a tri without making it a full time occupation. Many local gyms have what's called, Try a Tri- or try a triathlon. In these events there is usually a pool swim for those who are inexperienced in open water. I recently joined a gym called Lifetime Fitness in Cary, NC and there is a program there for people who want to experience this growing sport. The YMCA has also offered, Try a Tri. My son and I are doing a sprint this weekend at Rex Wellness Center in Raleigh where the swim will take place in a pool. The distance is 250 yards in the pool, a ten mile bike and a 5k run to top it off. This is a very fun and attainable distance that won't take over your life with training.
     Summer can be tough for training because of the heat but if you are in the water swimming you can burn some calories and stay cool. Hop on your bike and feel the warm air or take these activities inside to the gym. Pool running has become popular as well. I am lucky enough to have access to a HydroWorx underwater treadmill, but if you don't, running in a lap lane can give you some great benefits and keep you cool. Add some cross training to enhance your workouts and beat the heat at the same time. I'm positive some of you," runner only," people may get the triathlon bug by giving it a,"tri."




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