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Climbing Mountains
Jacob Rydman's journeys of faith and endurance  

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October 9 2011
Week of Oct 3 - 9

Mon, Oct 3
AM: 32mi+ (4:41), 5,500' - Devil's Thumb/Last Chance/Dusty Corners/Miller's Defeat/Mosquito Ridge
Enjoyed my bday run by getting out and traveling on foot for a good distance today.  Made it about 2mi out from Robinson Flat before turning around (2:34+).  Threw down a controlled, but steady and semi-quick effort on the return trip (2:07 with a 29-flat clip up Devil's Thumb to cap it off).  Felt great.  Traveled up to Yuba City to spend the rest of the day with family.

Tue, Oct 4

AM: 4mi (29:55) - Springview
Legs began as tired, but loosened up as the run progressed. + form drills

Wed, Oct 5

PM: 5.1mi (1:01:30), 3,500' - Treadmill
T-mill run at 13% incline.  Started at 12:30/mi and increased after each mile by 15sec/mi.  Legs felt great and leg turnover was sharp.  +core, push ups, pull ups

Late PM: 8mi (59:30) - Clover Valley Loop & Springview
Great evening run with Sara.  We started off easy, but since both of us were feeling pretty good we picked it up and were able to cruise at a decent clip. 

Thur, Oct 6

PM: 6.75mi (50:00) - Huntington Beach
Ran for a bit on the bike path along the beach and continued along the PCH until Spencer and I spotted a cliff outcropping and decided to explore what was over there.  Smooth run and good outing with the team.  Feeling like maybe I am getting sick, but doesn't seem to be worsening.

Fri, Oct 7

AM: 10.7mi (1:20+) - Huntington Beach
Thoroughly enjoyed this morning's run with former WJU runners Aaron and Shawn.  Went the opposite way from yesterday and ran the bike path along some beautiful stretches of ocean scenery.  Good time with the guys. +Form drills, lunges, squats, and light core at Fairview Park as the men and women were scouting the course.

Sat, Oct 8

AM: 3mi (23:30) - Fairview Park, Costa Mesa
Ran with the guys as they did their cool down after their race.  Great performances on both the women's and men's side at the Vanguard Invitational. 

PM: 7mi (55:00) - Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point
Ran up and down the beach a few times.  First :30 in the MT 110's and the last :25 barefoot.  A little fatigued, but not lethargic feeling.  Played a few hrs of smashball afterward......cross-training?

Sun, Oct 9

PM: 5.35 (34:30) - Springview

After the long drive home, laying down to rest for a bit, and having a Blue Moon; went over to the park not expecting to run an effort resembling anything remotely hard.  Well, my body indicated otherwise.  After 1.75mi of easy running, decided to do a random 3mi time-trial in honor of the WJU team's hard effort they put in this weekend.  3mi = 16:32 (8:21 1st loop, 8:11, 2nd loop).  Ran in sweatpants and a shirt (completely unorthodox for a TT effort, but whatever, it works).  Very pleased with this effort as it felt relatively easy, except for maybe the last 3/4mi.  .5mi cool down + form drills

Miles - 82

Time - 11hrs 15min

Vert - 9,000'

A quality ending to an overall quality week.  This week was my first real build-up in prep for NF 50.  Monday's long run was by far the best I have ever felt during a training run over 30mi.  Part of that was the nature of the course (14+mi of downhill sure helps), but even on the 16mi trip out (plus the finish on DT), everything seemed to be hitting well. 

Furthermore, I've decided to really start focusing on form drills after a run.  Up until just recently, form drills were something I did before a run/workout, but it makes sense in my mind to do them after a run due to the fact in an ultra, when one's legs are fatigued toward the end, efficient bio-mechanics are much needed.  So, I'm going to continue to mimic this in training with hope that it pays off when needed during a race.

Switching gears, I was fortunate enough to see a friend at the Vanguard Inv on Saturday.  Lauren Jimison is a godly woman I had the privilege of working with the Spring of 2007 when I coached distance at Capital Christian High School in Sacramento.  Even at a young age, I could sense something was different about Lauren, not only in talent/ability, but by the way she exhibited Jesus' love in her and through her by her actions.  Fast forward roughly 4 years and Lauren has continued to be that example, but now to an even higher degree; both physically (in the way she runs) and spiritually (in the way she lives her life).  She happened to win the women's 5k in 17:10 (34sec ahead of the 2nd place girl and erased the old course record by 13sec).  After congratulating her after the race and telling her she dominated, she replied with, "God is good."  From what I know of Lauren, I'm confident that same response would've come with the same amount of joy had the results been strikingly different.  It is such individuals in this world that give me hope and encouragement that despite all the darkness I see in this world daily, there are those who are standing with a light shining so brightly that it's impossible not to see it. 

Lauren (Azusa Pacific) leading the early charge on Saturday with former WJU runner Kim Jennings (Vanguard) tucked into 4th place.  Great to see Kimmy out there too.  Photo: Wendy Jennings



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